About Us


Business History:

Bright Idea Projects 3093 – Close Corporation trading as EnviroCare was established in 2011 and has been operating five years. The purpose of the establishment of the business was to provide a total waste disposal and recycling services for its customers. Glass, plastic, paper, cardboard and tins get recycled and excess waste disposal. We also disinfect the waste receptacles and offer Deep Cleaning and Pest Control Services as well. To-date, the business has sixty contracted customers in the Cape Town CBD & surrounds.


EnviroCare envisages becoming the leading force and service provider in Solid Waste Management and Responsible Recycling in the country, through the utilization of the revolutionary and internationally acclaimed philosophy of Total Waste Management (TWM).



EnviroCare is dedicated to provide the most efficient, professional and cost effective Waste Management Service to its clientele, while at the same time living up to principles and ethics towards customers, staff, business partners, agents and the environment that sets us apart from our competitors.

EnviroCare aims to achieve this through the utilization of the most technologically advanced, yet environmentally friendly processes and procedures in the waste disposal and recycling industry. Through the deployment of skilled and professional personnel in all aspects of Total Waste Management, EnviroCare aims to service customers consistently and on time, ensuring that all contractual obligations are met with professionalism and enthusiasm.

As ambassadors to the environment, EnviroCare aims to create awareness of pressing Global Environmental Issues, through sharing of information, facts and educational campaigns. EnviroCare wants to live up to its slogan, “For The Future” in every possible way.



  • To enter into a mutually beneficial partnership with our clients
  • To optimize the characteristics of Total Waste Management
  • To always conduct ourselves ethically and morally in all aspects of our business
  • To consistently ensure complete client satisfaction through the continual striving towards service excellence and the placing of customer needs first
  • To attain the number one status in terms of service providers in the Waste Disposal and associated industries
  • To save the environment by being personally responsible and accountable for our behaviour, while at the same time creating awareness to outside behaviour that impacts the environment
  • To be sustainable and consistently profitable
  • To consistently ensure complete client satisfaction through the continual striving toward service excellence


What is Total Waste Management? (TWM)?

From a customers’ perspective, Total Waste Management denotes that a customer relinquishes complete control of their waste disposal function to EnviroCare. In return the customer can have total peace of mind that the waste is not simply dumped on landfill sites, but instead separated and recycled by ENVIROCare at a recycle rate of up to 70% of all waste generated. The residue is then disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

EnviroCare spends a significant amount of resources and time on limiting our customers’ carbon footprint, i.e. the effect that a client’s waste has on the environment.

Why is Total Waste Management Important? South Africa lags far behind the rest of the world when it comes to adopting a mindset of being environmentally conscious and placing emphasis on limiting the carbon footprint. South Africa’s waste disposal methods and recycling rates are off par and definitely affecting our environment. These issues need to be addressed. EnviroCare intends to facilitate new ways of viewing our environment while at the same time providing individuals and businesses with the means to successfully migrate to new practices when it comes to waste disposal and recycling.