Man-deep-cleaningDeep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning is a revolutionary sanitation and cleaning regimen, which offers intense and targeted cleaning, ensuring that germs and bacteria in all areas, cracks, urinals, basins, showers and general ablution facilities are destroyed. This ensures and leaves a fresh, pleasant and above all hygienically safe place of work and leisure.


Deep Cleaning comprises the following:

  • All areas requiring Deep Cleaning are identified
  • Areas are divided into cleaning quadrantsDeep-Cleaning
  • Each quadrant is treated with a special chemical specific to the cleaning requirement and area
  • Areas are treated with chemicals that contain sustainable disinfecting agents that ensure germ free environment


Deep Cleaning prevents the proliferation and spreading of known viruses and bacteria, including the Hepatitis B virus, Herpes bacteria, Salmonella, E. coli and other similar harmful germs and bacteria.