Waste ManagWaste-managementement

ENVIROCare offers the complete Waste Disposal and Recycling service and incorporating the business management  philosophy of Total Waste Management (TWM).


Waste Management service incorporates the following:

  • A detailed study and analysis of client’s current waste disposal requirements
  • Waste receptacles are provided according to client requirements
  • Waste is collected at times determined during the study
  • Extra collections will be done as the need arises, such as special events or peak periods
  • Waste is sorted at waste sorting facilities and separated into various categories
  • Up to 70% of all waste is recycled
  • Residue is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner possible


Advantages include:

  • Single multi-faceted waste disposal solution
  • Lower operational costs
  • Dealing with a single point of contact, simplifies logistics, invoicing and payment
  • Accredited service provider and efficient service delivery
  • Removal of all waste from your premises
  • Service is personalised, specialised & efficient
  • We do not pick up/remove waste, we CLEAN!
  • Aim is to recycle majority of all waste collected
  • Recycling Partners include SA Metal, Mondi Recycling, Consol Glass, Nampak Paper
  • Excess residue is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly possible manner
  • Disinfection, cleaning & deodorizing of all waste receptacles and waste storage areas
  • Onsite service & eliminates the need for other odour control methods