BinDisinfection & Sanitation

The Disinfection and Sanitation service are aimed at the sanitation and disinfection of all waste receptacles, including the areas where receptacles are stored.

Typically, these storage areas are amongst the most unhygienic areas, characterized by unpleasant odours, build-up of dirt and grime, infestation of flies and vermin.


Disinfection and Sanitation comprises of the following:>

  • Receptacles are treated with a high concentrated disinfectant and sanitizer
  • Storage areas are treated with a similar compound that breaks down the dirt and grime that accumulates in these areas
  • High pressure hoses are used to wash off all dirt and grime
  • All filtrates are disposed of in the correct manner and drainage systems, ensuring compliance with Municipal by-laws dealing with disposal
  • The chemicals have been specially formulated at a private pharmaceutical institution and contain a special additive that kills all known germs and bacteria
  • All products and chemicals used have been approved by the Medical Research Council and South African Bureau of Standards
  • Products and chemicals have no adverse effects when in contact with humans and the environment
  • Receptacles and surrounding areas are treated with chemicals that odourises, while also prevents spread of germs and bacteria


The service treatment intervals are between one to twice a week, but ultimately depends on the volumes in the establishment.